Mission Bedroom Furniture Style

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Tufted Bench Cushions

Mission bedroom furniture – Mission style decor come to life in the era of the arts and crafts of the 1860s. This approach to decorating, later known as the craftsman style, can easily be recognized because of the use of copper and bronze, pottery and neutral colors. Mission style moves from the decorations of the Victorian era, is still popular today. When creating a bedroom theme with mission-style, it is very important to understand color and essence of the times.

Using a textured look or plastered on the walls of the room. Add sand to paint the buildings to create mission bedroom furniture the look of suede in a wall, or buy a kit with texturing the walls of a home improvement store. Keep the wall colors using natural colors like cream, chocolate, Brown, beige, red and yellow. Keep trim and other wood in the room in a natural tone than white. Choose furniture that has the natural color of wood, preferably oak. Handcrafted furniture or has carved accents are very popular in the era of the mission bedroom furniture. Replace the handle and other hardware metal on a dressing table and a table with pieces of copper or bronze.

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