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Mission Style Bedroom Furniture

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Mission Style Bedroom Furniture Oak

The style of the mission came from two major influences design. It is the same name: The Catholic missions of the American West, and the Arts and Crafts movement that originated in England in late 1800. Mission style bedroom furniture has little ornamentation and is mainly composed of straight lines and square and rectangular shapes. Usually they are made of solid wood and stained, not painted. Most furniture Mission has good wood with heavy grain patterns.

Mission style bedroom furniture is simple but still can be a source of drama. Often this drama comes from the size and weight of the furniture. Many parts of the mission are quite large. If your bedroom is large, choose a strong mission style bedroom furniture bed with headboard and foot board to dominate space.

A cabinet or chest can also make a statement in your bedroom. In a smaller space, choose bedside of the Mission with a less imposing frame bed maybe one with delicate displacement of iron, and a bookshelf or a minor element in the style of the missions as an accent. The walls of his bedroom Mission style should be a warm natural color: cream or white. Plaster texture is the perfect backdrop for the Mission style.

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