My Story About Antler Wall Decor

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I love antler wall decor,  but I was always lazy means in relation to my own room, and I do not understand bulhufas the subject, so he hardly appears here. When I was living in Porto Alegre, did not give much ball pro state that my room here in Star was. After I returned, I began to try to make it more “cute”, and began to pay more attention to blog posts out there that talk about antler wall decor decoration.

I have the same furniture since I was, you know … about 10 years because they were custom-made and are lasting an cacetada time, in hindsight it now, haha. Anyway, because of that, I looked for options that did not include changing the furniture, and so by searching creative. Yes i will make an antler wall decor.

I thought they could only be purchased ready. Now, I’m thinking about what I will do exactly, but I’m still collecting ideas, and then took the opportunity to share the coolest antler wall decor I found.  And many did not think he saw? I think this is no fad (like putting antler wall and such) yet.

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