Outdoor Track Lighting LED Spotlight

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Outdoor Track Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Track Lighting – From our experience, I can say that the majority of people responsible for sports facilities when choosing an LED spotlight, the only thing they focus on is the power (w – watts) of the spotlight; and it is clear that it is important to acquire a spotlight with the appropriate power, but the light that emits a spotlight is not marked by the watts, and neither does it have two spotlights with the same light output to give us the same results on the track.

It is clear that the power is important, but not only has to buy based on watts. In fact, two LED outdoor track lighting with the same power need not give much less the same amount of light (lumens). If the vanguard and you walk hand in hand, do not hesitate, a track style lights to see clearly those difficult corners is the solution. To properly illuminate a sports track.

We need each spotlight to illuminate a selected area within the track, and to emit as little light off the track as possible or to other areas that we did not want to illuminate with that outdoor track lighting. If we control the beam of light, we will control the uniformity. What has practically no sense in sports lighting is the use of 120ยบ track lighting, because with those lights a lot of the light is lost, either above the track or outside it.

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