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Paint A Piece Of Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

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Well, it was time to explain a little bit how to paint furniture and change of appearance completely with the famous chalk paint furniture ideas or “painting chalk”. The first thing very first, and more if it is a cabinet that is already treated, is clean it with a cotton swab and alcohol to remove any grease or dirt have. Prepare the cabinet for chalk paint furniture ideas. Let’s make a pickling with two colors, and have chosen the color Cream Love, a cream and Cape Town Fleur Blue Paint which is a lovely blue mint. We start with the first color.

Then we paint with the second color, blue, and let dry completely well.  Once everything is dry, we take the sandpaper water, and began to sand lightly. When you start sanding is coming out slowly, the color of the paint below. So you can reveal the painting down some places more than others. The sand is a bit to your liking. What we must do is always sand in the direction of the wood. Sand chalk paint furniture ideas. In the cabinet, I put one of the fronts of the drawers with glitter, as it will exhibit at the store.

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