Patio Door Curtain Panel

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Patio door curtain – Curtain panels hanging in a patio door can be achieved through similar means to hang curtains on the windows. Place the curtain panels you want to hang on the patio door to a curtain rod long enough to extend beyond each side of the patio door time. Hold the curtain rod along the patio door to the bottom of drapery panels touch the ground.

Place the patio door curtain rod and drapes down and mark the position of the hold of the top of the bracket. Place a screw through the hole in the top bracket screw and attach it to the wall with screws that come with the curtain rod. Place the end of the curtain rod in the holder and keep the other bracket on the other side of the curtain rod. Lift the end of the curtain rod still not attached to the wall and put a magnetic level at the end of the curtain rod.

Place the patio door curtain and curtain rod down and attach the second bracket to the wall through the top screw hole. Once the bracket is in place, adjust the curtain rod into the brackets and change the bottom of the brackets as necessary so that the rod is seated properly in the brackets. Tighten the screws on both upper brackets and add the lower screw to secure the brackets.

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