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Patio Door Lock Installation

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Small Patio Door Lock

A patio door offers intruders at home an easy entrance into your home. These doors are usually made of glass and provide access from your backyard to the interior of your home. If you want to protect your family from any invasion of the house, this door should stop. To make sure that the patio door is properly closed, install additional protection. These patio door lock are easy enough to put on yourself and can be done in a day.

Instructions to installing patio door lock are, starting with the lock will go on the edge of the door, where the door slides inside the door jamb. Place the padlock in the place that is going to go and mark the place where on the sill of the lock will hit. Second, with the patio door closed, a drill through the frame of the metal door and the metal that holds the glass in. They respond to your little for the size of the lock’s latch.

The bit must be a bit larger than the bolt. Third, open the door and place the lock on the one you had before. Using a small fragment, pass pre-made for the metal screws to fix the lock to the door track. And the last, screw the blocking device to the plant. Close the door and make sure the bolt slides cleanly through the hole and keeps the door closed. And your patio door lock installation was done.

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