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Perfect Floor Stripping And Waxing

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Before After Floor Stripping And Waxing

Floor stripping and waxing – if you’ve got a wood floor that you regularly polish. Or unglazed ceramic tile flooring that requires regular waxing. You will eventually notice that hazy, discolored look that indicates wax buildup. Not only it does not look good, but it makes the floor more difficult to keep clean. Because it grabs and pulls in dust and dirt. Chemically wax strippers are available for most types of floors. But you can have most of what you need for the job just under the sink.
Modern linoleum floors and the like manufactured materials like vinyl, are not supposed to be waxed at first. But if you or someone else has made errors of floor stripping and waxing one linoleum floor, the best way to get it with a 50-50 mixture of ammonia and water. Mix it in a bucket and mop the floor a small section at a time. Follow-up of the floor washing with pure water. Always open a window and get fan comes in the room to remove fumes and wear rubber gloves.
If you’ve got a slate, ceramic or other hard tile floor stripping and waxing that has been expand, using the same 50-50 ammonia solution as linoleum, but add a half cup of detergent to each cup of ammonia. Instead of scraping with a plastic spatula, the scrub hard with a stiff brush. Pay special attention to the joints between the tiles where wax can assemble the stick more stubbornly. Work in small sections, follow up with clean water.

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