Popular Garage Bike Storage Ideas

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A bicycle provides good exercise and cheap transportation, but store one in confined spaces can be a problem. Hanging over a wall frees up space on the floor and keeps it out of the way for cleaning and storage underneath. For the garage bike storage ideas of everyday bike should not be hung on the wall higher than necessary, so you can easily slip off and their hangers. The long-term storage, and winter can be much higher since only be lifted up or down twice a year.

Instructions garage bike storage ideas, hardware store or sporting goods store. Everyday media storing the bike right side up for convenience, with the long-term storage tends to be a wheel or both wheels up. Locate the wall studs in the garage. If the garage is semi-finished, you can see the top of the nails holding the sheet rock to the uprights.

Lift the bike up to the level that is most convenient. Having another mark on the wall or stud on the hook or hooks must be connected in order to keep the bike in that position. Drill a starter and then attach the hook securely to the wall with screws post. Try hooks to ensure they are strong enough to support the weight of the garage bike storage ideas.

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