Popular Roof Soffit Ideas

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Popular Roof Soffit Ideas Design

Roof soffit – Finishing a roof or siding project may involve installing barge boards or panels on the underside of the eaves or soffits. Soffit typically associates beautiful roofing siding. You can install popular roof soffit ideas, depending on how you want to beautiful match your existing home are siding.
Check if you need to replace a small part or whole sections of your soffit system. If you find old or discolored soffit, and also you probably need to replace the whole soffit. Demo or remove the old soffit panels, F-channels (small strips which support one end of the roof soffit panel) and fascia covering from your old soffit system. Then install new F-ducts on the underside of your eave or roof soffit overhang. By means of a hammer and nail or nail gun, puts F-duct to the rafters in the previous location of the old ties.
Measure from the R-channel to the inner edge of the sub fascia. Subtract 1/4 from your measurement and cut the nice soffit panels to size using a circular saw. Fit first soffit panel by placing an edge in F-duct. Use a framing square to ensure that you have lined up panel squarely with sub fascia. Then place the net panel in the F channel and push it against the first panel to lock them together. Finally, install the remaining soffit panels in the same way. And then it fascia to the roof soffit to complete the installation.

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