Popularity Of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Hardwood floor refinishing is gaining popularity and is one of the most sustainable choices – especially when choosing a prefinished hardwood floor to install. Some floors pre-finished hardwood comes with a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty. With some carpentry skills, patience and good advice, you can install a hardwood floor.
When you think of install hardwood floor refinishing. It is a laminate which has a thin wear layer of wood as paper pasted on a board support. It is relatively inexpensive, but in the long term, it is best to use solid wood with a 3/4 “wear layer that can be sanded and restored later if there is damage.
Hardwood floor refinishing saves a lot of work and a better finish. They are applied in one part of the plant and are sanded three times and usually have eight aluminum oxide finishes on it. The finish is baked. It is UV-hardened and as it passes through each layer is built and real parts in metal finishing. The metal parts give a very high Taber test, a test done in a lab where they test the finish by taking an abrasive wheel and test to see how many rotations it takes to carry across into the wood.

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