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Prehung Interior Double Doors Ideas

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Hexagon Floor Tile Design

Prehung interior double doors are designed for easy installation. If the hole in the door is out of square, you can compensate by putting more wedges between the frame and door finish the wall opening. Prehung doors are sold with the door and the frame, making them easier to install for the owner. It is important to keep the frame square duringa installation so that the door is still working properly.

A prehung interior double doors unit comes complete with the hinge of the door, hinges and cut-out for the knob all reinstalled. Because a lot of the work is already completed prehung unit, will take less time to install the door. Take the time you need to measure and adjust the door properly and be proud of their new carpentry skill.

Insert two wedges in the spaces between the door frame and the inner face of the opening. Put in a wedge from the outside and from the inside another for wedges overlap, making a bearing surface against the outer face of the door frame. Check that the door frame is level with a level of 4 feet at the top and vertically on each side.

Fit the frame with nails through 3 inches long through the prehung interior double doors, through the wedges and the surface of the opening.

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