Prehung Interior French Doors

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Prehung interior French doors, You can select a variety of styles when choosing prehung interior french doors. Make a statement with a door that is a work of art, or play it safe with a door that fits any decor. Interior doors are an important part of your home. You want something that fits the doorframe, his personal style and the style of the room. Within door styles they include but are not limited to the panel, flush, rolling, decorative, French and sliding doors.

Whatever your style, only two types of prehung interior frenches doors are available: slab or prehung. Slab doors are needed when you want to replace the door and the hinges and keep the existing framework. Prehung interior French doors are attached to the hinges and frames, so you should remove from your door and the existing framework before installation.

When installing prehung interior French doors, you should consider the type of soil in the room. If the room contains carpet, adjust the door so it is a couple of centimeters from the ground. If the room contains a hardwood floor, tile or linoleum, then the bottom of the door should be as close to the ground as possible.

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