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Preparation To Install An Basement Egress Windows

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Flat Seam Metal Roof Install

Basement egress windows – Preparation to install basement egress windows is the first masking tape to mark the opening required for his new window on the outside and inside. Add 2-3 inches on the size of the window opening in the wall as indicated in the dimensions of the window to account for the header and the frame timber-in and a little space for the game placing.

Since its foundation basement will either concrete block or poured concrete, will have to hire some heavy equipment or hiring a contractor to build your opening. Power tools required are a diamond concrete saw blade of 14 inches and a jackhammer. Sawing concrete is a very dirty and dusty process, so it’s a good idea and canvas tape off the area of interior work well to prevent dust to travel around the basement and at home.

Since the thickness of the concrete will need to cut from the inside and the outside, these measurements and markings must match. With that marked outside line, you can start digging window and access good on the outside. Digging outside window and to match the level of the bottom of the window opening and at least 8 inches.

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