Prepare And Painting Particle Board Furniture

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Painting Particle Board Furniture Design

Particle board is a wood composite product, made from wood chips or sawdust mixed with a gum resin and formed into sheets. Common applications include the sub floor, building cabinets, siding and walls and furniture. It is often laminated with veneer such as melamine or vinyl. Prepare and painting particle board furniture, you’ll have to go one step further. Wipe or brush particle board, if necessary, making sure the sawdust, dirt and other contaminants are removed and the surface is completely dry.

Put a water-repellent preservative on all sides of painting particle board furniture, with special attention to the porous borders. Let dry for 24 to 48 hours. Skip this step if the particle board is not exposed to outside weather conditions or indoor humidity, like bathrooms or laundry rooms. Prime all sides with acrylic primer. Use outside primer for outside and inside or general purpose primer for indoor use.

Seal gaps, seams and holes with silicone caulk can be painted. This will improve the appearance and help prevent moisture from entering the wood fibers. Painting particle board furniture is very susceptible to water damage so anything you do to protect from moisture infiltration and the paint will last longer board. Brush or roll particle board with one or two coats of water-based paint.

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