Removing A Patio Door Coverings With Vinyl Siding

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The patio door coverings of a house vinyl siding are not mounted in the coating, but the wood beneath the coating, which makes the removal of similar door, no matter what type of siding on your house has . Weight old patio door makes it necessary for two people to work together on this project. However, neither person needs to have any special knowledge to successfully remove construction door. This should take only a few hours.

Slide a small lever between the molding of the sliding door and the wall. Working molding the inner wall and set it aside. If the outside without damaging molding is obtained, it can be reused about its new sliding patio door coverings. Close the sliding doors while you are standing on the inner side of the door. Slide the screen slightly downward and hold it firmly with one hand on each side. Lift the screen door and pull the bottom towards you. Lower the screen door to release the top edge of the top track. Set the screen door aside.

Remove the screws on the upper and lower edge glass sliding patio door coverings with a Phillips screwdriver. Slide the door down slightly and hold it with one hand on each side. Lift the glass door and pull the bottom towards you. Lower the door of the top track and set the door aside.

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