Removing The Frosted Glass Interior Doors

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Frosted glass interior doors is a thin layer of paint applied to the glass manufacturers to be opaque. It is common in bathroom windows or shower doors. Sometimes homeowners apply it to themselves and use templates to design frosted glass. Use a razor blade to scrape the frost. This will take more work if applied professionally glaze during the manufacturing process. If you applied yourself, you can not take too long to eliminate.

Spray the glass cleaner. This will help lubricate the surface so you scratch the glass. Scrape frosted glass interior doors with a sharp knife. Razor sharp leaves are less likely to scratch the glass. Rinse the blade when covered with frost paint. Clean the glass to check your progress.

Re-wet the glass and continue using the glass cleaning solution as needed to keep it moist while you are working. Use a new razor blade once using begins to drag along the surface. This means that is worn. Wipe the frosted glass with a piece of superfine steel wool to remove any piece of leftover frosted glass interior doors. Spray the glass with glass cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth.

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