Replacing Closet Door With Curtain Tracks

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Only doors come in many varieties. Unlike doors, curtains come in many styles, colors, fabrics, sizes and thicknesses.  The use of curtain tracks, not unlike curtains hospital ward, which makes for easy opening and closing the curtains. Remove the existing cabinet door. Let molding and casing if you choose to replace the door in the future. Close the door and loosen the hinge pin touching the bottom with a hammer and a nail. Open the door slightly after removing the pins carefully and take the door off its hinges so that it does not fall on you or soil.

Measure the top of the door frame of the enclosure to determine where to place the curtain tracks, either against the door frame or inside your closet, depending on where you want the curtains. Ideally, the track should be about midway between the top edge of the door frame and roof.

See their brands from a distance to check uniformity. Insert the pins on brands, run a string between them and observe the chain to further ensure uniformity. Adjust as needed. Once you confirm a level line and even spacing, drill holes for the hardware curtain track. Insert the brackets using the hardware, including screws, plugs or plates that come with your curtain tracks.

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