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Replacing Torsion Spring Garage Door

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Torsion spring garage door and extension springs are used for garage doors. They are also known as side-mounted springs. Torsion springs, however, are connected to a fixed metal plate. They are placed in parallel to the surface of the door frame and the center of the door frame. Torsion springs work on the basic principle of tension. Are connected to each side of the bottom panel of the garage door cables. When the garage door is closed, these turn springs.

Replacement torsion spring garage door with new ones can be done easily by following these steps. First, you need to do is to stop the power supply. Unplug the power cord from the opening of the door and remove the door. Those who have a garage door opener old need either turn the circuit breaker or remove the fuse, depending on type.

Make sure you are replacing the old torsion spring garage door with a new one appropriate. Check the springs of its size and type. Avoid grabbing or touching the cones spring winding spring. Marcos each end of the shaft torques. It helps in leveling the garage doors, after installation of the new springs. Wind torsion spring constant and undo and remove the screws that secure the cones torsion spring support.

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