Restore Oil To Cortex Flooring

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Nice Cortex Flooring

Cortex flooring – Wooden floors become dull and pale as use and environmental elements wipe out the natural oils in hardwood. Simple repainting the floor with polyurethane does not restore the oil in the floor. Instead, these products sit on top of wood that creates a barrier between wood and the surrounding environment. The urethane finish works well, but they are prone to bleaching, peeling and cracking. Restoring oil, such as heavy oil, to wood floors requires many layers of penetrating oils that fall deep into the wood fibers of the boards.
Scuff sand floor with a drum sander uses 220 grit sandpaper. Grind the old finish on the wood. Clean the surface with a wet / dry vacuum, clean the entire sawdust and debris outside the newly ground floor. After vacuuming, run a please cloth along the entire floor surface to pick up any remaining sawdust. And then apply knee protection. Restoring oil to cortex flooring takes 3:57 rocks for optimal protection and beauty. Then protect your knees with a pair of quality knee protection.
Pour heavy oil directly onto the cortex flooring. Be sure to pour the oil into a working 3 x 5-foot area to maintain even finish. Rub the oil into the floorboards. Using a clean, soft cloth, rub the oil in the wood in a circular motion until all oil penetrates the wood fibers. Using a circular motion ensures heavy oil penetrates the wood fibers from all angles

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