Roofing Screws For Wooden And Metal Panel

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Roofing screws – The wooden roofs are spreading a lot. Often construction companies outsource to other companies that specialize this item of specifications. So you think you are in the most experienced hands, and sometimes it is also true – face it. I am certainly not an expert on everything, but I am know about little deepen some detail. Especially when the thickness of the insulation that I expected or suggested or corrected in the project, is very important. But there are screws for thicknesses more than 20 centimeters wood? Here the world of fasteners opens.
The roofing screws for fixing the insulation package in timber shell play an important role: The double thread allows the locking of the counter battens with respect to the rafters. Also solves the problem of crushing due to the weight of overlying material (battens, counter battens, towels, tiles or slates, snow). Meanwhile the under-head threading is also an advantage in the case of extraction force (the action of the wind). There is special software for the correct dimensioning of the screws in accordance with current Italian regulations.
While standard metal roofing screws panels attach rafters and Use with a variety of specialized metal-tapping screws. Unlike standard sheet metal screws, the metal roofing panel screws a broad head surrounded by a rubber disc and a drill-like, self-tapping screw tip. Screws slices sit tight against a roofing panel surface to create a watertight seal. In addition, reducing the screws self-cutting tips installation time by eliminating the need to pre drill the screw holes.

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