Room Divider Bookcase Design

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Room divider bookcase – A room divider that doubles as a shelf adds valuable storage and privacy. Large rooms can become more useful when space is defined in separate sections. Even if a room is not too big, many situations call for dividing the space for two children or a guest room. Defining a living room and dining room or kitchen space with dining room can call a room divider. Whatever the situation, using the wall space for a bookseller gives you added insulation books and doubles as a wall divider.

Measure the length and height of the space in the room divider bookcase. A room divider that doubles as a bookcase will be deeper than a normal divider wall. Measure the length of the room and subtract 12 and ½ inches. Divide this length in the two areas you plan to create.

Room divider bookcase, purchase of 2 inch by 12 inch boards to cover the length of the time divider required number of shelves. If your room has 8 foot ceilings, plans to have 12 inches of space between each shelf. Purchase of 2 tables to the ends of the separator, the height of your room or as high as you are planning to build. A splitter can also be designed as a half wall.

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