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Room Divider Screens On Wheels

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Room divider screens – If you want to divide a large room into several parts but are reluctant to make permanent wall as costly? Creating a partition or barrier is not permanent space that is practical and easy to move so the solution. Fun, you can make your own in artisan or buy your own.

Room divider screens Is usually called with this partition not only serves to divide the room, but also as a sweetener interior. In fact, some are designed for outdoor use as a weather barrier. Partitions are made of various materials, such as wood, cloth, bamboo, rattan, leather, glass, metal, vinyl, and plastic. Each of these materials can be designed with different styles, for example to form unique patterns, such as print patterns on fabrics, batik motif with laser cutting technique, or a manual hand workmanship.

Motifs and patterns of partition or room divider screens which encompasses images of animals, animal print, scenery, such as the beach and sea, flora, fauna, abstract motifs, and others. This may affect the size. Prices range from hundreds of thousands to millions. Partition width varies from 60 cm to 2 meters. Some room partitions that double as acoustic insulation, supplied foam.

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