Rustic Interior Barn Doors

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Sliding Interior Barn Doors

Interior barn doors have become increasingly popular among people who have ructic, country, or beach house. Barn door is one way to bring the nature inside while adds visual charm to your place. To be honest, I really like ructic style home that is filled with distressed or unfinished wooden furniture, fresh flowers, soothing colors, and a lot of windows. The door style that is perfect to complete my dream house is the interior barn doors. You may often see the barn doors at a friend’s house, but maybe you haven’t seen some barn-styled doors like these.

Selection of band door harware is very important band to support the door appearance. NW Artisan hardware Vintage-Plate Sliding Barn Door Hardware features beautiful and stylish steel hardware. It is hand-crafted and custom made so that you can adjust according to the size of space you have. Each set includes wheels, sliding track, door straps, spacers, hex lag bolts, and track stops. It is not only suitable for interior barn doors, but also perfect for exterior barn doors.

For an unusual interior barn doors style, you may want to have Classic Rustic Sliding Chevron Door Custom Made from East Oak. It’s called Chevron door because the pattern resembling Chevron. This sliding door will stand out among other wooden furniture on your ructic home. This is also a custom made so you can request the door in any size you need. You can also make a statement on your home by using the Rustic luxe boutique Custom Made 5 Panel Sliding Barn Door. The five panels is interesting and catchy, so I would recommend this door as the entry to the room that could be seen by your friends. It’s not a crime to show off a little bit, right? If you want to add ideas or favorite barn doors styles, please share on the comments section below.

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