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Security door brace – Recent experience in security technology door. Of the thieves by using this key security, your home will be safe from thieves. Because of the safety key is designed with two combination of power, namely a strong gauge steel brace combined with a pressure sensitive smart alarm 120 db incorporated into the design.

Security door brace was designed by GSE. Five years in development, the unique two-piece design that uses the power and floor space age polymer, the identical material in US fighter planes. OnGARD extraordinary power is easily rejected blows from kick-ins, shoulder slams and even a large hammer.

If using security door brace is the security of your home will be more secure from people who are not responsible. Alarm alone cannot keep your family safe. For example: the alarm sounds only after a break-in has occurred, which means that in most cases the intruder has entered the house. Unfortunately, criminals can do the ‘unthinkable’ between the audible alarm and police arrived on the scene. And law enforcement may not respond as much as 30 minutes. Therefore we advise you to use the key lock. Such information can we convey to you all, may be useful for you all.

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