Shoji Screen Doors Pocket

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Hold the frame against the headboard pocket 2-for-4. Key mounting plate at one end of the track in the vertical wedge. Check to ensure the wedges are straight with a level and end nailed to the frame. Level the frame pocket before permanently mounting the second mounting plate. Place the covered pairs of wooden blocks, split to allow the passage of the shoji screen doors at the head. Put one on the edge of the door and one halfway between the first split pin and the edge of the pocket.

Slide the basis of a couple of tacos division in a floor plate. Set the floor plate between the chalk lines and lead with the top of the split beam. Replace the drywall; Use nails no more than 1 1/4 inches to avoid scratching the shoji screen doors. Tape and glue the seams. Place the door hangers to the top of the screen frame.

Put an edge pull, hand using a router to depression. Alternatively, buy Shoji screen doors with a pull perimeter. Tip suspension wheels on the track or pop the lock assembly with the door hanging. Tighten the screw in the wheel assembly, if present. Place the guides of the doors inside the base of the jamb of the division in the bag opening to guide the door opening.

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