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Sidelight window treatments – Side lamp window, side sometimes spelled or sidelights lites, adding grace and a certain elegance to the door or gate. The narrow window on both sides of the door let additional light and adds a touch of style distinguished foyer, hall or room. It may also, unfortunately, a problem in terms of decoration thorny privacy and light control. While the sidelights are often left to be found, there are several traditional ways to hang curtains, lamps, curtains and some nontraditional ideas

The most common treatment for sidelight window treatments is a set of transparent curtains hung in the window frame with a pair of spring tension rod guillotine. Depending on how the shower curtain rod hung standards – pushed them together, put them in place and let the spring pushes against the end of the frame to hold them in place.

While many people opt for curtains sidelight window treatments, the curtain is no other choice. Custom lace panels offer a large selection window style decor. Lacy pattern all-over can be strained in the side windows or gathered at the top and bottom, with lace which provide privacy and light filtering. A transparent panel with lace detail can change the pattern or the center window into a work of art, with wooden frames.

To Hang an Sidelight Window Treatments

Some types of windows pose a particular problem when choosing window treatments. One of these window types contain a large main display with a smaller window on each side. There is no single right way to hang curtains for the windows; you have to match the window treatment for your decor and your needs. When you make a choice, consider how much light you want to drop into space and how much attention you want to draw to the windows.
Measure the width of the windows with a tape measure to determine the length of the curtain rod to buy. Add 2-6 inches to the width so the drapes do not block the windows while open. A set of draperies covering all the windows to create a seamless look. Decide what level you want to hang drapes. You can hang the curtains at the top of the side windows and leave the greater my window revealed. This provides privacy while letting light in through my window. It also draws attention to the unusual shape of the windows. Alternatively, you can hang the curtains above the center window to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.
Hold the mounting bracket on the pole against the wall at the level where you want to hang drapes. Mark the screw holes with a pencil. Remove the mounting bracket and drill holes in the marked positions. Place the mount back into position, align the screw holes with the pilot holes, and then drive the screws through these holes to keep the mount in place. Do the same with the other brackets. Hang the curtain rings on the rod. If your drapes hang with tabs or grommets instead of rings, wooden curtain rod through these tabs or grommets. Place the curtain rod to the mounting bracket. If you hang the curtains of the rings, then secure the curtains to the curtain rings.

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