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Simple And Elegant Bedroom Furniture

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Baby Nursery Decor Ideas

Deco garden Yolanda Alzola teaches us to redecorate a room and turn it into an elegant, simple. Thus, we achieve decorate elegant bedroom furniture and simple style. Balance is a key factor to achieve an elegant bedroom: a sober, simple style without ornate details. The choice of decorative elements and light colors will be important to achieve the balance we seek. We transform a room with uncoordinated elements in a bedroom with a calm, balanced and serene: replace a damaged painting by the passage of time by pure white; We settle into the front wall a frieze perform the function header and finish redecorating the bedroom by installing a floating platform and adding a chandelier and two bedside tables.

We begin our work for elegant bedroom furniture by removing all bedroom furniture, and then cover the soil with plastic to avoid dirtying paint and protect sockets and plugs with a special tape to paint. Now with a brush we will cut, white, angles and areas we cannot reach with a roller. One wall will go with a frieze in the headboard so you do not have to paint that part of the wall. The next step is to install the frieze elegant bedroom furniture.

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