Simple Care To Beautiful Tigerwood Flooring

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Caring Tigerwood Flooring

Tigerwood flooring – are an exotic hardwood. Pattern of wood is similar to tiger stripes, which is where floor gets its name. Tiger Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any room in home and are also an investment. Caring for your tiger wood floors properly to preserve its beauty andĀ also increase life of floor. First, vacuum or sweep floor every day or two to remove loose dirt and grit that can scratch wood. Use a soft brush vacuum cleaner hose or soft-bristled broom.
Then, replace carpets or floor mats in areas with heavy traffic and at entryways where you have tigerwood flooring. This will help to catch dirt and grime that can scratch or damage floor. Put felt pads under furniture to protect floor if goods are move. This is especially important under chair legs, which are often move across floor. Pillows will also help to avoid dents in floor from heavy objects that remain in one place for long periods.
And then, wipe spills or liquids from floor immediately. Moisture sitting on tree for a longer period may cause warping. Clean tigerwood flooring as needed with a soft mop and a solution of 9 parts water to 1 part window cleaner. Dampen mop slightly with cleaning solution and mop floor. Rinse and wring out mop frequently to avoid recycling dirt. Draw shades or blinds in areas where direct sunlight can hit tree for longer periods of time. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause color of floor to change.

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