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Slab Basement

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Slab Basement Design

Slab basement – Placing under the drainage floor pipe in the wet basement is not easy, but if done correctly, the liquid area can be converted into useful space. The work is painful and takes a lot of effort, but with the right tools can be a cure when all other methods fail. You must first clean the walls of the dungeon to allow access to the base of the walls on all four sides. Everything should be close or discard, which can be damage by dust cause by cutting concrete floors. Select a basement area where the well cavity can be drill and then form and spill with a cement sidewall to receive the well pump. Choose a remote corner where minimal activity takes place.

At the slab basement of the stairs or in the closet storage is a good choice. A good cavity should be about three feet from three feet and three meters. Slabs should be cut with a demolition hammer to gain access to the ground beneath the floor. The saw cut must be at least six inches longer than the last hole size. Move the concrete and try to lower the plate with the edges tilted back under the plate. When the concrete is pour for the wall of the hole, the same concrete will fix the floor. The slope provides lips that prevent the entry of ground water through new connections and cavity wall elevations from below the floor.

It requires a lot of manual work both for the removal of old concrete and for the earth, but also for transporting surplus materials from the slab basement to the outside. Then you have to make a three-foot-three plywood box and about three meters. This will be an internal shape for the wall. The second phase of this work is not much easier to do. You have to cut the saw along the basement floor of the basement about one foot from the bottom of the wall. Concrete dust will be amazing. You need to close the door above with masking tape and plastic, opening the basement window and using a fan or two to blow as much dust as needed. Do not use the air conditioner fan.



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