Slate Floor Tiles Give Fascinating Effects In Your Bathroom

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Slate floor tiles in bathroom, good or bad idea? Find out why and how to integrate this authentic and natural coating your ponds. On roofs of houses or on fronts of windy seaside residences, slate has always had a key role in protecting homes and since this natural stone has as many physical qualities and aesthetic, it did not take long to see cover and decorate our homes. From France, Spain or Quebec, its fine grain, velvety touch and its almost poetic waves themselves with his strength to offer us aesthetics and functionality, particularly in our ponds.
Known for its anthracite shades, slate floor tiles yet has many other colors. Clearer, like white, beige or gray, or, less common, such as ocher, carmine or green. Its many facets can be enough to fully decorate a room. Marble, slate plays its shades to give interesting metallic effects.
Multicolored and multifaceted, slate now has characteristic to adapt to all surfaces. It is not uncommon to find form of mosaics with small squares or even “bubbles”.┬áSlate floor tiles brings unquestionable natural touch to your bathroom by his side “eco-chic”, no need to go looking for highly sophisticated products. Ideal is microfiber cloth dampened with warm water. For a more thorough cleaning, use baking soda and rinse with vinegar water. Generally, banish abrasives which eventually attack joints and slate.

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