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Sliding Door Hardware Kit

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Wood Floor Buckling Style

Sliding Door Hardware KitRemove existing doors and determine the size of the opening required for an assembly kit pre-made door. Measure the opening for standard sizes 48 inches wide, 60 inches or 72 centimeters. Measure the opening for installing the standard door height of 80 inches. Frame the opening size with the manufacturer’s specifications for the size of the nearest existing door opening. Hang the superior hardware, bottom plate and the side wall decorative pieces. Use wood shims and a carpenter’s square to square opening. Paint or stain the doors before hanging up. Door hardware installed on top of the doors and sliding on the upper rail of the opening. Install the lower guide pins or rollers. Insert the lower threshold. Add outer molding and trims.

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Make a sliding door hardware kit door with a pocket door. Build a false wall in parallel with the existing wall opening pantry. Hardware Purchase a pocket door and inner door light. Dye and paint the door install the hardware and hang the door. Install the drywall of the new false wall, trim and paint.

Reuse your existing sliding door hardware kit pantry door as a slider. Place the top of the lane hardware pocket door to the cabinet and extend to the adjoining wall space. Use upper rollers of the door pocket and lower guides to ensure the pantry door on the top bar. Add trim molding to conceal the top rail hardware.

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