Sliding Glass Door Pet Door

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Sliding Glass Door Pet Door -you are installing a dog door to the family pet, cut a hole in a door or wall to create a dog door can be a time consuming task that can potentially decrease the value of the property. Alternatively, install sliding only requires that the panel is inserted in an existing door, without the extra hassle of building a normal dog door.

Measure sliding glass door pet door your pet using a tape measure to know how should be the pet door. Measure the legs mascot head and shoulder to shoulder width. Measure the dimensions of the sliding glass door to find the necessary height of the pet door. Buy a panel pet door for sliding glass doors that fits the size of the pet and the door. For easier installation option, buy a door that does not require additional tools for attaching the door.

 This sliding glass door pet door is also best for short term installation, such as whether to move or be replaced at the sliding door soon. Insert the bottom of pet on the dance floor of the sliding door. Push the spring down at the top of the frame panel to fit the frame in the top track. If pet door comes with adjustment knobs, tighten to the panel remains in place. Make fine adjustments if necessary to position the panel to fit in place on the sliding door.

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