Sliding Glass Door Security

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Design Sliding Glass Door Security

Sliding glass door security – It is important to ensure your home and family against the entry of intruders. The sliding glass doors tend to be used as input by thieves because people forget to lock them, because their locking mechanisms are weakened over time and may be forced to remove the frame.

Add additional security to your sliding glass door security is simple, economical and is worth the effort because it will give you peace of mind and security. Get a wooden stick having approximately two to three inches (5.08-7. 62 cm) in diameter. While thicker, but the rod must fit on the bottom guide door easily. It measures the amount of exposed bottom frame guide when the sliding door is closed and subtract two inches (5.08 cm).

Cut the rod with your saw so that it fits to the measurement. Insert the rod in the exposed Guide. His presence will prevent the sliding glass door security from being opened. The few inches subtracted will allow you to remove the rod to open the door. Place the rod on the Guide at any time if you need additional security on your sliding glass door.

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