Sliding Patio Door Curtains Ideas

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Sliding patio door curtains are standard features in many homes today. Design options to cover the sliding doors include facilities such as vertical blinds, cellular panels, Vertiglide, track slipping and sliding panel fabric curtains or drapes. Compared to commercially install custom systems, blinds or curtains offer flexible, easy to deploy solutions that provide do-it-yourselfers options to cover most circumstances the design at a reasonable cost.

The choice of treatment depends on where the sliding patio door curtains are and which side open. This determines whether there will be a pair of shades that open from the center and stack on both sides and a curtain is pulled aside and stacked on the other. Fabric choices are based on the amount of light to be admitted, how much privacy you want, if insulating properties are desired, and what colors or mixed with room decor accent.

It involves sewing curtains straight seams and is easy to do once you decide on the style of curtain and mounting hardware, take measurements of the doors and make fabric choices. The mounting system can determine what treatment is given to the top of the sliding patio door curtains. For bars, the curtain can be hung through a pocket or bar housing through slides or curtain rings sewn to the edge washers or inserted in the top. Each of these needs a different top – or head – construction.

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