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Small Garden Design – First of all, an outdoor space that can be transformed into a garden is rare nowadays. Also, if your home is in an urban area, an outdoor area can only serve as a balcony or small terrace, so it would be rather difficult to install a garden. There are several reasons for wanting a garden space, however, it can be difficult to design if you run out of space. The creation of a garden area is often a matter of organization and optimization of space.
It requires a good imagination and careful planning to install a small garden area. First of all, take into account that the first objective is that your garden is decorative, functional, or hybrid. A decorative small garden design is one in which there are plants that provide the greatest visual impact on every square meter, regardless of edibility or functionality. This can be a flower garden. A functional garden, on the other hand, focuses on maximizing the yield per square meter of edible plants or used in another productive way.
This can be a vegetable garden. A hybrid garden focuses on the intersection between these two concepts. It tries to produce a high yield of useful plants, while at the same time creating a visual interest in the small garden design space. Then the concept for anyone who designs a small garden is to understand that raised garden beds provide a vigorous culture.

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