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Hardwood flooring types – When you choose a wooden floor, flooring used type can determine many other facets of the project – how the tree will be used or mounted on the underlying floor surface; how much the installation will cost; how long the floor reasonably be expected to take over a home’s lifetime. Several different types of wood floors are easily available in the market, and all suit different homeowners’ needs.
Solid hardwood flooring types are, like the name suggests, fashioned from pieces of solid hardwood. This seems obvious, but very modern floor is made of synthetic materials or contains additives. True solid hardwood flooring consists of boards, which are generally cut 3/4-inch thick, although they may be as thin as one quarter inch or as thick as a blank. The planks lay side by side to cover the floor. This was the original method of wood floor installation for milled lumber was made easily available on the market.
While hardwood flooring types are among the comeliest and most welcoming, their beauty comes at a price: they are often the most expensive. They also come with some limitations: solid hardwood is not recommended for use on concrete surfaces cellars, and must be nailed to the subflooring. Finishing solid wood floors can also be daunting; but many surfaces are time series prefinished at the factory.

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