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Soothing Bathroom Color Schemes

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Modern Bathroom Color Schemes

Bathroom color schemes are available in unlimited choices. Seeing so many chic and lovely colors make you want to use all of those color. When you decide to choose one of them, suddenly the next day you see a new color combination. The goal is to create a comfortable bath space for you. First you have to determine what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Is it soothing? Energizing? Dramatic? This way, you can determine the color schemes in accordance to the color family that represent certain moods. For me, soothing colors are the best for bathroom. I’ve been picking out some of my favorite bathroom color schemes, read on to find out.

When asked to name a soothing color, most likely everyone will mention blue. I would highly recommend the blue color for your bathroom walls. A combination of turquoise, light blue, light grey, and brown is my favorite bathroom color schemes. Neutral color like brown is very suitable to be paired with a soothing color to create a soothing and calming atmosphere. If you want to get a fresh and cool mood, use a combination of dark blue, greyish blue (cadet blue), cream, greyish green, and dark green. Or a combination of cream, light gray, turquoise, sky blue, and teal.

You might think, how to use those color schemes on the bathroom? There are several options to use more than one paint color on your walls. Paint two opposite walls with the same color, paint vertical stripes, or you can paint the upper half of the wall with brighter color and the lower half with darker color. Then, purchase a shelf, cabinet, or vanity and paint it with the color you like. If necessary, choose unfinished cabinet so that you can freely give your personal touch. You can also organize towels in different patterns within the same color scheme on an open shelf to add visual impact. What do you think? Share your favorite bathroom color schemes with us!

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