Starfish Wall Decor Theme

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Starfish wall decor – Starfish can become great articles of decoration and break, remind you of the beach every time looking at them. But you should take some precautions to dry them and keep them the right way, but what was to beautify the environment can become an unwanted source of bad smell. The preservation process is done with alcohol, being simple and easy.

To give your home a starfish wall decor theme inspired by beaches, has the edge of the sea for inspiration. Select bright and soft colors, soft fabrics and natural items from the beach itself to decorate the homes of your home. Turn your treasures collected on the beach, like shells and starfish, sea, in economic and creative objects to decorate your home.

The starfish wall decor is a legal issue to do in customizations. You can create a pattern of starfish freehand, using a stencil or stamp, incidentally, with the stamp can be freer effect and unpretentious which combines a lot with this design, since the starfish reminds beach summer vacation, freshness, finally, a light and print natural. You can use the figure to customize clothes, accessories and also use the decor is perfect for the beach house!

How to Hang Starfish with ribbon?

Choose the right tape. Before you start hanging starfish, decide what type of tape you want. Tape can be as much a part of the decoration as the starfish in itself, and different types of tape are appropriate for different types of arredamento.Ad example if you plan on doing summer decorations, use raffia or ribbon in a color like pale blue or beach gallowses you plan to do Christmas ornaments from the starfish, use a festive red ribbon, green or arose you want the still marina looks like they are floating, use fishing line instead of tape.
Tie the Ribbon. Decide how you want the final decoration to have guardare.Se ribbon tied around the starfish in itself is acceptable; closely tie the ribbon around one of the legs of the star marina. Per a more secure grip, tie the ribbon around the middle of the star marine so that it locks with three legs above the nastro.Considerare dress the area of ​​the tape is connected to tying a bow or hot gluing something small, like a shell or a jingle bell to the tape.
Add a hook shot. Ribbon or fishing line still can be used to hang the starfish without being tied around the body of the star marina. Per achieve this look, hot glue a triangular hook the stars marine’s the starfish has more legs thick, the hook can be glued behind a gambits the star is smaller, paste the hook behind the middle of the star marina.Quando glue body is dry, thread a ribbon through the hook, and the starfish is ready to It is hung.
Using Starfish decorations. Hang starfish to the hooks on the bottom shelf to transform the shelf in a costiero.Variare length of the tape segment to add interest visivo.Variando the tape length and starfish on the wall with a big bow on top of each tape creates a piece of wall art in evidenza.Legare a tape with a starfish hanging from it for shooting blind, or have a Christmas tree and boating to hang ornaments of starfish all over the tree.

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