Steps To Unclog Bathroom Sink

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Diy Unclog Bathroom Sink

Unclog bathroom sink is a must, especially when your bathroom sink starts to drain not so quickly. The bathroom sink can’t operate optimal since there must be gunk and hair that stuck right below the drain. To unclog the bathroom sink, you don’t need to hire a professional, since it is an easy thing to do.

Homemade tool out of wire is what you need in order to unclog bathroom sink. Then you can use that tool to gently ease it down into the drain then pull the offending hair and gunk out. After that, you can see that the bathroom sink can normally operate again.

To make it clear, here are some steps you can follow, in order to unclog the bathroom sink. First off all, find a wire hanger in your home, then you can clip off the straight bottom piece by a pair of pliers or wire cutters. Bend the metal until it snaps to where you want it to break, do it if you only have a pair of pliers. Then make a T shape handle on one end, make sure it is big enough to hold onto. On the other end, bend a little hook about a quarter of an inch wide. Make sure that it is wide enough to grab onto the gunk but it won’t get stuck in the drain so it should not be too big.

Continue the step by fishing the hook end down into the drain and you can start feeling around it. As most hairs and goo get tangled in the drain mechanism, so you no need to go very far. Since the drains have a plus sign shaped with four holes around it, so you should use the tool very carefully. It may take a several times and also take a little practice, but slowly, you will get the hang of it.

If suddenly the tool is stuck on something, you can push it back and twist until it comes out easily. You can stop to do this action until you feel like there is no more hair in the drain. After that, you can turn on the faucet and test the drain and rinse the sink out. Then, you will see that the unclog bathroom sink activity is successfully done.

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