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Style Of Cork Floor Tiles Color

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Cork floor tiles – Cork flooring has been used for more than three centuries. First popular in Europe, many North American and Australian homes are now equipped with cork flooring. The material is known for its durability and because it is simple maintenance, such as resins, easy restores the appearance of the cork. The composition of cork flooring makes dent- and scratch resistant. Cork is also an ideal choice for people looking for environmentally friendly flooring options. Cork floors come in neutral shades of brown, but can be customized with color
Prepare the Floor to cork floor tiles color, Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt from the cork. Determine if the floor has a top finish, as was, by gently scraping the surface of cork with a metal object. If residue is from the scraper or the color of cork changes in the scraped area, there is probably a top finish there. Strip away the top layer if you determine that one is present.
Stains on the Cork to cork floor tiles, Open the can of stain and stir well. Wear latex gloves to protect your hands. Test the stain color on your floor. Dip a portion of the cloth in the stain and dab the stain on a small part of the cork flooring that is hidden from view. Assess the results for the desired color. Coat the canvas with stain and apply the color on the floor using broad, circular motions. Allow the floor to dry for several hours. Consider whether you want a darker color on the cork floor.

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