Style Of Door Frame Pull Up Bar

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Door frame pull up bar for home provide a way to challenge yourself and intensify your workout without going to the gym. You can buy bars or pull-up stations that are placed on a door frame, but these stations may seem expensive for what you get, and do not always fit perfectly. Designing a pull-up bar is easy to replicate. For a more profitable and fully equipped alternative to buying a pull-up bar, you can easily and quickly make your own.

Instructions for door frame pull up bar, Measure your door frames carefully. Make sure the pieces fit PVC pipe. Plan and design construction before cutting and assembly. The basic design of a pull-up bar on-the-door is a shaped length of pipe clamp connected to a long bar that is wider than the door frame. Start assembling your pull-up bar.

Mount the two sections of pipe 8 inches long for T-caps. Mounted and connected correctly, the T-tops keep the structure in place on the door frame from the other side of the door. Hang the station pull-up through the door so that the T-lids keep the structure in place on the door frame on one side, and the long bar on the other side of the door rests against the door frame pull up bar.

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