Stylish Garage Door Weather Seal

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Garage doors are made of steel, wood or aluminum and may be isolated or not isolated. After installation of the garage door, the weather-stripping around the door will help seal it. By buying weather-stripping for garage door weather seal, choose a product that has been tested in accordance with UL Standard 10C and place around the entire door.

Weather-stripping is installed material around the garage doors that form a garage door weather seal, keeping it waterproof and fireproof. Install weather stripping around the door of the garage will also help keep insects from entering your garage. The materials used for weather-stripping are relatively inexpensive and will help make energy efficient home. To work effectively, place weather stripping around all garage door weather-stripping and threshold should be placed at the bottom of the garage door.

There are many types of weather-stripping are available for use around the garage door weather seal doors. Products such that the gasket and flange are made from vinyl or rubber work well for this purpose. Sealing materials and reinforced flanges are also used along the sides of the garage doors and usually are made of plastic, vinyl timber lip or rim. Door sweeps are also used along the bottom of the garage door and are made of wood, metal or plastic.

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