Succulents Garden Design New Innovation Decoration

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Succulents Garden Design Landscaping

Succulents Garden Design – Succulents or succulents are plants that accumulate juices and are therefore water reserves. They are perfect for making a garden in areas with a dry climate and where it is difficult to water the summer. The collector, if he has a small garden, can make the dominant plants by simply adding some plants to the erect structure. Succulents deeply dig into their roots in the soil to search for water during the dry season.
Since they mostly hate stagnant water, the soil must be light and draining. A good succulents garden design ground of river sand is perfect. Do not make too much organic matter too rich, they would develop leaves to the detriment of flowers, more plants with colorful foliage would remain in shades of green. An important rule: never plant in a bowl, always plant in a well-drained area of the garden or make a dedicated rock-like site.
Some plants may, in case of excess water, rot in the neck. When planting, take the precaution of finishing filling the hole with gravel. It limits itself to avoiding excess water and protecting the most fragile succulents garden design​plantations from winter rains and snow. All major diseases, such as crown rot, are caused by planting in a soil that is too heavy and undrained. At dusk, make two preventive treatments with biological insecticides in the summer.

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