Sunflowers Wall Decor In The Kitchen

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As with any craft project, the preparation can mean the difference between success and failure. You may find that you change your plan in mind about how to paint sunflowers wall decor of your kitchen. Gather all materials before you start. Measure the length of the walls, and see how many times you expect to use the template.

Sunflowers wall decor painted with stencils of the kitchen walls with paint dry, wet paint, and choose between brush strokes. It is good to have a brush for each color of the sunflower. Pour a small amount of each color you want to use acrylic on a paper plate or tray polystyrene meat clean. For the technique of dry paint, place a small amount of paint on the brush tip and shake in a paper towel to remove excess.

Brush wall, not brush up and down. The technique of dry paint gives a more textured than the wet paint appearance. Use the same method with wet paint, you can use a wet brush and add a little water to acrylic paint. As with dried paint, remove the excess with small strokes on a paper towel before applying to the sunflowers wall decor.

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