Talking About Carriage House Garage Doors

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Carriage House Garage Door

Carriage house garage doors are a special style of doors. Because the style are everlasting and even yet it was a traditional design, it was never out of fashion. It is a style that has to be called classic. The carriage garage doors itself has a trademark of its own with glass boxes in the uper part of it, the crossing panel as a cover and the long expose hinges on each side. I believe that those are the things what makes a carriage style. I know that this kind of style probably won’t suit if you had a tiny house with a tiny garden. But it would be remarkable if you had the opposite, a big house with a wide garden.


There are also a signature for carriage house garage doors, that is the door always open from the front. But in the progress the doors also could be open from the side. For me the house and especially the doors always gave some impression about oldhouses, oldtimes, mostly romantic. Times when people still using horse for transportation and now the horse are change into machine. And that’s not it, the world has change so much, but the style remains. I guess that is what makes it attractive. The style that last.


I know I mentioned that carriage house garage doors are suitbale for big houses with wide yard. But in realities there are some house there were small but using the carriage style. And it doesn’t look bad at all. So the application of the style shouldn’t limited by it’s size. You even could had a carriage style doors although that the house had a different theme. Is just that creativity or style shouldn’t be limited. Such as the white color that the carriage  houses use to have, you could forget about it and make it new and merge the carriage style with your own personal style.

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