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Hand scraped laminate flooring – Before the advent of power sanding equipment, has wooden floors flattened at the construction site using a handheld wooden scraper. Texture differed with each installation and the experience and skill of each wood craftsman. Today it is hand-scraped look to be revived in fine homes and commercial buildings where real wood flooring is valued for its old world look and quality. The look is also now in laminate form for homeowners to work with a more modest budget.
Laminate flooring offers the look and texture of real wood at a lower price. The same applies to hand scraped laminate flooring. The product combines a wear layer, pattern layer, inner core, and a moisture barrier backing. The clear top layer provides protection against fading and stains. Watch and structure are combined in the design layer with a photographic image is added to a machine – milled surface that mimics the old-fashioned hand-scraped look.
Hand scraped laminate flooring available in many – or narrow plank format and in a wide variety of styles, from traditional oak and cherry to exotic dark woods, and contemporary bamboo. Thicknesses range from 7 mm to 15 mm, and the prices vary from about 0.69 cents per square meter to a high of just over $ 2 flooring is available in a variety of colors and finishes suitable for almost any decor.
Several design options are available to give your hand-scraped laminate flooring the look you want to achieve. The finished product can have a foot-worn look, as well as the floor has been treading for years. Long and circular brush strokes to simulate hand scraping and chisel marks ressembling hand tools as an ancient adze may have made. The realistic-looking pattern fits well with the retro renovations or somewhere to a historical look desired.

Why Choose Hand Scraped Wood Floors?

If you are looking to install new flooring in your home or office, the wood floors are a popular alternative. There are many varieties of hardwood and hardwood laminate flooring, many people prefer the aged look of hand scraped wood floors.

What is Hand Scraping

As the name suggests, is hand-scraped wood floors created by hand by craftsmen using various tools and techniques to achieve an aged, distressed look. A hand-scraping technique involves measuring, scraping with a tool like a wire brush to accentuate the wood’s natural grain. Other methods involve using different colors of stain to get an antique look, sanding the floor unevenly to create patterns or leave visible saw marks between or planks. The most skilled of hand scrapers can make a new wooden floor seems to be hundreds of years old, complete with wormholes and other features normally only found in the original hardwood floors in the old home.
Some companies offer floor-scraped by a machine rather than by hand, but these floors are losing custom look because the marks and stains will have a pattern instead of being random.

Custom Beauty

If you buy hand-scraped wood floors, you can decide exactly how distressed or noticed your floor will be, create your own look. If you want it to look like wood has been in your house for a century or more, you can have wear patterns sanded or highlighted in the floor along the usual travel routes, eg in hallways or near stairs. With all the options, you can be sure your floor will be uniquely

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