The Bifold Closet Doors Experience

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Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors are very useful for wide closet. Yes, there is another options to use the sliding doors, and it believed to be a space saver. But you know to me the sliding doors era has passed, and it has some difficulties to take something in the middle. on the other hand the bifold door is not taking to much of the room space, but the way it open, folding into one another, it sure give the best opening to a closet. Every part of the cabinet can be taken without any difficulties. And it looks more modern too, more fabolous then the sliding door. At least it is to me.


With the bifold closet doors there’s a little space in the right and left edges that will be taken. But that’s it. compared to the sliding door whcih the door can not be open fully, the closet is likely nicer to see. I never thought of it untill my wife suggest me to change the old sliding closet door. Is surely giving us a new experience. We never see our cabinet the same way again. I also add some lighting fixtures inside the cabinet that made inside the cabinet more bright. And a little change had an effect to other changes. Now I guess we are more happier then before. And it’s all because the bifold closet doors, can you believe it?


For so long we don’t know that our closet door is making us upset, we don’t realize it untill we change it. We also change the color and make our room looks more spacious then before. If i just knw from the beginning that the old closet door is the one that make us upset, I will change the sliding door into the bifold closet doors since a long time ago.

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