The Height Of Basement Egress Window

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Basement egress window – An output window is placed in a basement level is mainly a departure from the house, but this window also provides great benefits to the living space. Government guidelines require an output window is set at a height that a person can get in and out. The window is not legally an exit without following the height regulations.

A basement egress window must have a minimum size of 20 inches wide and 24 inches high, with an area of 5.7 square meters. The bottom of the window should be a minimum height of 44 inches from the floor. You can increase the size of the window and still have a legal exit window; However, the size and the height from the floor must meet the minimum requirements.

The main reason for adding an o basement egress window is to provide a second output of your home in case of fire or other emergency requiring a quick exit. Many basements have small windows, or are no windows, no natural light. An output window allows more natural light into the area to reduce bills. Exit windows located in the basement of a house increases the value of the house and make the space on the lower level finished legally usable for a bedroom or other living space.

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