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The Pendant Lighting Story

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Modern Pendant Lighting Kitchen

Pendant lighting is one if the general fixtures that we use at home. It is pretty much differ from the downlight eventhough that the light are shine the same way, that is from top to bottom. But you know the downlight are mounted inside the ceiling so only the bulb that can be seen. But the pendant have the fixtures slightly above our head. And it usually it is completed with a hat. So, the endant is pretty much are in our reach, they were hang next to us, so the quality of light below will be wider compared to the downlight.

The history of the pendant lighting probably come from chandelier. Lights that hung from the ceiling. But you know that chandelier aren’t shining the space below it but it’s illuminate the whole room. So, from this we learn that each fixtures has it’s own speciallity and consequences. It is the needs first, I believe, that tried to be fulfilled with designs, that is why designs were born. Much later from that the design will be improve and upgrade into a certain style. So does the pendant. It has so many styles, styles that has a modern look or classique look, a peculiar type or simple type, you named it. Every style or type of pendant light is available to purchase.

The pendant lighting could also installed outside, but you should remember that it has to be a wetaherproof. And so much about improvements, the pendant nowadays are not just one in a room, it also could be two or three or more, depend on the size of the pendant or the space. So, it is still so much to be explore with lighting especially with the pendant. It has been with us for decades and its exsistance I assume will last forever.

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